Your Guide to Kitchen Faucet Styles - Spray Wands

Whether you are creating the home of your dreams from scratch or tackling a remodeling project, there are a lot of details to determine and choices to make. For a luxury kitchen design project, one of those choices will be deciding on your kitchen faucets and fixtures. A minor detail to some, but one that can have a big impact on how happy you are with the final design. Kitchen faucet styles are widely varied, which comes with advantages and disadvantages. To help you tackle all the different choices at your fingertips, the Eurolux team has created this series to walk you through each of your options! In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing extendable hoses and spray wands.

A spray wand is a feature many look for in their kitchen faucet. This spray head, attached to an extendable hose, can expand the range and functionality of your sink. There are also several ways it can be incorporated into a faucet, which gives you a number of options to choose from. There are many designs available, which gives you the option to customize other features as well, like levers or mounting options. In today’s installment of our guide to kitchen faucet styles, we’ll concentrate on several ways you can incorporate an extendable spray wand into your kitchen sink.

Side Spray

One simple option for adding the versatility of a spray head to your kitchen faucet is to utilize a side spray design. In this setup, a spray head is mounted next to the main faucet rather than incorporated into the faucet itself. There are several design options available if you are interested in a side spray, but in terms of construction, you will need two to four holes in the counter to accommodate the extra water line needed for a side spray head.

Pull Out

If you prefer the spray head of your sink to be incorporated into the faucet, one popular option is a pull-out faucet head. This means that the extendable hose is nested within the faucet, and you utilize it by pulling the spray head out. The retractable spout helps you wash dishes or produce while also saving space, and it can be a good solution for filling pots or other large kitchen implements without investing in a “pot filler” style faucet.

Pull Down

Another incorporated hose design is the pull-down spray head. Rather than pulling the house straight out from the faucet, this design requires you to pull the spray wand down to disconnect it from the mount. It’s typically seen in curved or gooseneck-style faucets.

Compared to a pull-out hose design, a pull-down spout has slightly less functionality, as it is more limited in how it can be directed. This limited movement also means it is less likely to make a mess of water around the sink. It will need a specific mechanism to stay in place, however. A pull-out design can utilize gravity to keep the spray head in place, but pull-down spouts need a magnetized or locking dock to keep it retracted when not in use.


If you want the added functionality of a spray wand, but you aren’t interested in an extendable hose, you do have the option of looking for a commercial-style sink or a “pot filler” style.

Pot Filler

“Pot filler” faucets have the length of an extendable hose without the nested components. Instead, they are made of connected pieces of piping that can be folded and nested vertically to save space or unfolded and extended outward. The faucet is made to swivel outward over a pot or other large item to fill it with water. Many are wall-mounted, but there are also deck-mounted pot filler sinks on the market.

This style is a great option for those who are looking for unique luxury kitchen design ideas. It’s also an ideal setup for those who have trouble handling extendable hoses. ADA-compliant designs are available!

Commercial-Style Faucet

If you prize functionality and efficiency over the style of kitchen faucets traditionally seen in residential homes, then you may be more interested in a commercial-style faucet. This kitchen faucet style replicates what you would see in a commercial kitchen, with a long, flexible hose design. You can enjoy the functionality of a spray wand without the fuss of an extendable hose, easily directing the water spray wherever you need, and many commercial-style designs include multiple faucet heads. However, this kitchen faucet style tends to take up space, especially vertically, which is something you should consider before committing to this feature.

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If you are still deciding between all your options, keep an eye on this blog! In this series, we are walking you through features of many different kitchen faucet styles. Review part one to learn more about single-lever, dual-lever, and touch-activated faucets, and watch for future installments for information about installation requirements and more. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the Eurolux team! We are happy to help you find the perfect luxury faucets and fixtures for almost every room in your home. Place your order today to get started!