Your Guide to Kitchen Faucet Styles - Mounting

There is a lot to choose from when picking out the right faucet for your luxury kitchen design. One way to narrow down all your choices is to determine which features you want and need for your finished kitchen. Another way is to thin the field is to start by determining what mounting options your kitchen can accommodate. If you have already finalized the counter space surrounding your sink, then you have likely already finalized what kitchen faucet style will work with your current setup. Continue reading to learn more, or let the Eurolux team help you match your design dreams with construction details.

Mounting Options

There are essentially two ways you can mount a sink faucet: on the “deck,” or on the counter space surrounding your sink, or on the wall behind the sink itself. There are advantages, disadvantages, and construction prerequisites for both that you should keep in mind before you decide on a kitchen faucet style.

Deck Mounted

Deck-mounted faucets are the most common choice in homes around the country. In this case, the faucet is mounted directly to the sink or behind it. It can take up more space than wall mounting, but it is what most sinks are designed to accommodate. A deck-mounted faucet requires holes in the countertop or sink for the fixtures and water lines, as well as enough clearance between the sink and the wall to accommodate the style of your choice.

Wall Mounted

A wall-mounted faucet is often considered as a space-saving option. It frees up counter space and can also make it easier to clean the area around your sink. It is a less common choice for kitchen sinks, which can make it a fun and unique choice for your luxury kitchen design, but keep in mind that it is a less common choice because it comes with a few stipulations. For one, you will need plumbing connections that extend above the countertop and into the wall behind the sink. It also comes with a recommendation — if you live in a cold climate, then a wall-mounted faucet is not a good choice for any exterior walls where the pipes may freeze.

Mounting Requirements

No matter how you decide you want to mount your faucet, there is one factor you will always have to keep in mind: how many lines you need to feed through the wall or countertop.

One Opening

If your counter space only has an opening for a single line of plumbing, that means hot and cold water will feed into your faucet together, and you need to choose a design that corresponds. Planning around this means you most likely need to find a single-lever or touch-activated faucet, but you can still decide on other features like the style and the option of a spray head without deviating from the requirements of your sink construction.

Two Openings

Openings for two separate plumbing lines mean that you should be looking for a dual-lever faucet. Hot and cold water will be controlled by two separate handles and fed into a connected faucet.

Three Openings

At this point, you may be counting the holes in your sink space and wondering what you’re supposed to do with all of it. In the case of a counter with three openings, you have several options. In one case, you may find a dual-lever faucet that connects under the sink, which means you need an opening for each lever and the faucet itself. The third opening, if offset, may be better suited for a side spray head or an under-sink soap dispenser — it depends on the details of your sink construction. If you are designing the space around your sink yourself, keep in mind what plans you have for the kind of faucet you want!

Four Openings

Counter or wall space with four openings for plumbing lines or fixtures is almost certainly intended to be used for a dual-lever sink and a side spray head or soap dispenser. If you’re not sure if the construction of your sink works with the faucet you want, you can always talk to a Eurolux team member, and we’ll do our best to match what you want with what you need!

Whether you are building the luxury kitchen sink of your dreams from scratch or working with an existing space, Eurolux can help you find the perfect kitchen faucet. We have a wide range of styles and setups available here in our online inventory, and a team member at any of our showrooms nationwide can help you narrow down your options.

If you need help deciding on the right kitchen faucet style, then this blog series was made for you! Make sure to review the first two installments to learn more about the features you can choose from, including levers and spray heads. If you still have questions, you can always contact Eurolux or visit one of our locations for a personal consultation. Tackle your next luxury kitchen design project with the materials you need, and start your Eurolux order today!