The Remodel Dilemma: Bathtub or Shower? Part Two

If you are remodeling or redesigning your bathroom, then you have likely run into the dilemma of deciding between a bathtub or shower. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and as we discussed in our previous blog post, the almost endless design possibilities aren’t very effective at narrowing down your options.

In this series, the team at Eurolux is helping you make the best possible choice for your project with an in-depth look at the pros and cons of both bathtubs and showers. Bathtubs are more budget-friendly when it comes to installation, while showers are great space-saving solutions, but those are not the only two factors to consider. Review part one to learn more about budget and space considerations, and continue reading for more detail. When you’re ready to order the materials you need, start here with Eurolux!


Bringing your luxury bathroom design to life can be thrilling, but it can also lead you to consider choices that don’t align with your lifestyle. It’s easy to be tempted by all the beautiful bathtub designs we offer, but keep in mind that showers are often used much more than bathtubs. A shower is quick and easy to access, which makes it the ideal solution for the everyday. Magazines and online inspiration boards may coax you to invest in a bathtub, but be honest with yourself — would replacing your shower really be the best choice for your ordinary routine?


Even a spacious shower with a therapeutic showerhead can’t replicate the effect of a long soak in a bathtub. If you want your bathroom to be an oasis of comfort and relaxation, then a bathtub is likely better suited to your needs than a shower. One way to indulge your redesign dreams while keeping practicality in mind is to have a bathtub in just one bathroom of the home and dedicating that as your spa-like space while keeping convenient showers elsewhere.


If you have mobility concerns and/or you plan on enjoying your bathroom design for years to come, then you will want something other than a traditional climb-in tub. You may also want to reconsider that option if you are someone prone to soreness, such as a busy mom or a dedicated athlete. Many shower designs are more accessible, especially if you choose a walk-in design. You can also find walk-in tubs and other styles that make access simple while still giving you the opportunity to soak, but they will likely cost more.


If you are worried about water usage and its impact on the environment – or your utility bills – then you should keep in mind that a shower will use less water as long as you keep it short. There are many shower heads available that are specifically made to be high efficiency. If you like to luxuriate in hot water, however, a bathtub is going to be the more budget- and environmentally friendly choice.


If you are not currently in your forever home, then one thing you have probably already considered while planning your bathroom redesign is resale value and return on investment. A “full bath” includes a tub and is a big draw for potential home buyers, especially for young families with small children to bathe. There is no solid data on the ROI of a new shower versus a tub when it comes to resale, but surveys show that potential buyers prize a master bath with a bathtub rather than just a shower.

Why Not Choose Both?

At the end of the day, there is an easy solution to this debate: find a way to incorporate both a shower and a bathtub into your luxury bathroom design! There are many styles that combine the two, and many ways that you can upgrade your existing shower-tub combination, but there is also a trend for pairing beautiful walk-in showers with freestanding bathtubs.

If you truly can’t decide between the two, why not investigate the possibility of both? At Eurolux, you can find luxurious options at affordable prices, so you can truly make your dream redesign a reality. Visit one of our showrooms to see all that we have to offer, or start your online order today!